Guides & Masterclasses

Mastitis Rescue

3 MONTH Access

$15 AUD

For Acute Mastitis & Blocked Duct Cases

Don't panic!

Mastitis Rescue was built for this exact moment!

* Get the REAL explanation of what MASTITIS  & BLOCKED DUCTS are

* Follow our video tutorial demonstrations to massage your breast properly to reduce pain, & get rid of the lumps and swelling of mastitis & blockages

* PLUS an actual written PLAN so you know what to do & when.

This is the exact plan we give the mums that attend our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic.


12 MONTH Access

$115 AUD

For Breastfeeding & Pumping Parents

Boobology is the PROBLEM SOLVING go-to course for treatment & prevention of mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement.

* 40+ video tutorial demonstrations covering all your needs no matter what problem you have

* Quickly learn how to massage and mobilise your breast effectively

* Get to the root cause and move on!

Boobology is our MOST comprehensive course to work through YOUR specific problem + a loads more!

Blooming Boob

6 MONTH Access

$35 AUD

For Pregnant Parents

Prepare & learn about your breast tissue BEFORE breastfeeding!

* Learn exactly what to look for in the breast tissue that indicates potential problem areas, and how to address that RIGHT NOW with simple techniques.

* Understand mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement, the 3 common issues that arise & confuse many mamas

* Gain knowledge about your breasts now AND how to physically prepare for successful breastfeeding.

It's the head start!

The Boob Hero Course

Lifetime Access

$1129 AUD

For Health Care Professionals

The FOREVER ACCESS Professional Development education to treat breastfeeding women suffering mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement + more

Geography is no barrier for your learning with this completely self-paced, online course (equivalent of 12 learning hours).

Learn breast anatomy, breastfeeding conditions, manual techniques, patient management, & therapeutic ultrasound considerations.

PLUS business elements templates!