Guides & Masterclasses


$239 AUD

For Breastfeeding & Pumping Mamas

Boobology is the go-to course to sort out your breast concerns associated with lactation.

With 40+ video tutorials you’ll quickly learn how to massage and mobilise your breast effectively to treat the issue.

Whether mastitis is getting you down, blocked ducts causing stress or engorgement not clearing away, Boobology has been designed to work through whichever problem you encounter PLUS a bucket-load more!


Blooming Boob

$74 AUD

For Pregnant Mamas

The only course around that teaches pregnant women need-to-know info for:

  • their breast tissue
  • how breasts function
  • common issues with breastfeeding & how to avoid them
  • AND how to work on your body and breasts today to prepare for breastfeeding.

If you understand how your breasts feel and move now, you'll be way ahead of the game! Work on your breast tissue now for breastfeeding bliss.

The Boob Hero Course

$1279 AUD

For Health Care Professionals

Professional Development

Become a boob hero with hands-on Mastitis, Engorgement & Blocked Ducts treatment for the breastfeeding women + so much more!

Boob Hero is a completely self-paced & online course, with an equivalent of 12 learning hours. Learn complete breast anatomy, breastfeeding conditions, hands on techniques, patient management, & therapeutic ultrasound considerations.

PLUS business elements templates!