Guides & Masterclasses

Mastitis Rescue

$15 AUD

For Acute Mastitis Cases

Don't panic!

Mastitis Rescue was built for this exact moment!

* Get the REAL explanation of what MASTITIS is

* Follow our video tutorial demonstrations to massage your breast properly to reduce pain, & get rid of the lumps and swelling of acute mastitis.

* PLUS an actual written PLAN telling you exactly what you are going to do and when.

This is the exact plan we give the mums that attend our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic.


$115 AUD

For Breastfeeding & Pumping Mamas

Boobology is the PROBLEM SOLVING go-to course for treatment & prevention of mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement.

* 40+ video tutorial demonstrations covering all your needs no matter what problem you have

* Quickly learn how to massage and mobilise your breast effectively

* Get to the root cause and move on!

Boobology is our MOST comprehensive course to work through YOUR specific problem + a loads more!

Blooming Boob

$35 AUD

For Pregnant Mamas

Prepare & learn about your breast tissue BEFORE breastfeeding!

* Learn exactly what to look for in the breast tissue that indicates potential problem areas, and how to address that RIGHT NOW with simple techniques.

* Understand mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement, the 3 common issues that arise & confuse many mamas

* Gain knowledge about your breasts now AND how to physically prepare for successful breastfeeding.

It's the head start!

The Boob Hero Course

$1279 AUD

For Health Care Professionals

The FOREVER ACCESS Professional Development education to treat breastfeeding women suffering mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement + more

Geography is no barrier for your learning with this completely self-paced, online course (equivalent of 12 learning hours).

Learn breast anatomy, breastfeeding conditions, manual techniques, patient management, & therapeutic ultrasound considerations.

PLUS business elements templates!