Boobology "Women of every walk of life need this information!"

Course rated 10/10

Jessica, Arizona, USA

Boobology "Boobology is a lifesaver. Even the lactation consultants and midwives I saw to deal with my multiple rounds of mastitis never got down to the particulars of what was going on in my body. They (and every Google hit) seemed to assume I knew the difference between clogged ducts and mastitis and engorgement, as well as how to treat these issues at home. As a result I ended up pummeling my breast tissue and massaging my mastitis in the wrong direction, only making the problem worse.

Katie and Elise, on the other hand, never assumed, but instead educated me. Boobology taught me about my own biology, modeled specific hands-on techniques (so helpful to actually *see* massage techniques!), and made sure I understood the nuances between different breast issues and their treatment. Thanks to this course, I was able to handle my most recent bout of mastitis gently, patiently, and successfully, without the panic that accompanied my other cases. I am so incredibly grateful for Boobology!"

Course rated 10/10

Louise, South Australia, Australia

The Mastitis Masterclass (now part of BOOBOLOGY) "The Mastitis Masterclass is fantastic. It helped me manage recurring mastitis symptoms and helped me feel more in control of my breast health after a long struggle of feeling powerless and answerless."

Chelsea, NY, USA

Get in First: You Breast Prevention Strategies (now part of BOOBOLOGY) "I was always searching for reasons why I kept getting recurrent blocked ducts and never could find a good reason why. I was also always looking for preventive measures and could also never find them. This was the first course that helped give me the knowledge I've been looking for!"

Course rated 10/10

Jenna, Victoria, Australia

Launching soon: Preparing the Pregnant Breast "I Highly recommend this course, I feel there is not enough information provided about breast feeding prior to motherhood. This course would be very beneficial, especially for first time mothers, I feel it would"provide not just knowledge but a lot more confidence when entering into motherhood."

Course rated 10/10