Welcome to Your Two Jugs!

Welcome to Your Two Jugs!

Founded By Osteopaths Elise & Katie.

Developed by two Aussie Osteopaths, Elise & Katie, who realised that their clinical boob obsession was actually a thing. A thing that could potentially help millions of women learn how to be their own breast-friend.

But what would we know?

Have we got any experience with this ourselves? Well, yes. Katie, in 2012 thought her left boob was going to spontaneously combust with a wicked 10-day bout of mastitis. Completely debilitated & unable to care for her baby there was with no clear avenue she could find to learn how to get herself out of this breast mess. Imagine if she knew what she knows now.

And Elise? Well her story is, she got a gig at Katie’s clinic and consequently over-exposed to boobs and how cool they are. But realised quickly how under-supported breastfeeding boobs are in a mother’s knowledge bank. And although not a mum herself, Elise’s undeniable empathy only strengthened her drive to make an impact of women’s health.

So here we are.

your two jugs co-founders
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This is Your Two Jugs.

It’s a fun name with a serious goal.

How could we make this evolution of the “breast pro” be fun, inspiring, positive and confidence-building?

How baffled are you when faced with a breast problem?

Why shouldn’t looking after your boobs be un-intimidating.

So many opinions and not all in one place:
“Just massage your breast out” they say. How?
“Just clear the blockage” they say. But how?
“Just keep feeding the baby and it will clear” they say. What if there was more you could do?
“You haven’t got enough milk” they say. It’s not by choice though is it. How can you improve your breast health to promote more milk?

This is what Your Two Jugs is about. Solutions.

And not just any solution, but one tailored to individual breast hiccups.
We want to re-define breast conditions as hiccups, and not reasons that lead to unfulfilling breastfeeding experiences.

From the WTF moment of mastitis, to what on earth do you do with post-partum engorgement, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal here, is to revolutionise how the world looks at breast conditions.
For all breastfeeding women right now and those to follow, to have access to a genuine resource that fills this unmistakeable gap in women’s healthcare.