We’re Elise & Katie!

Two Australian registered osteopaths and IBCLC’s to be who educate mamas and health care professionals about mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement with a treatment strategy to boot.

We do this using the foundations of anatomy & physiology AND our signature therapeutic massage techniques we’ve been using through our accumulative 29 years of clinical experience to treat thousands of mamas in clinic and online.

Whether you are a breastfeeding or pumping mama looking for at home help, or a health care provider looking to up skill, our approach is straight forward, easy to implement and evidence based to give you peace of mind and REAL RESULTS.

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For a long long time, mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement have been severely misunderstood as conditions. This is despite the information being present throughout the literature! For DECADES the protocols followed and advice given for these conditions has been detrimental to breastfeeding journeys around the globe. Thankfully this has been updated in the last couple of years, however, it’s going to take a long time to reverse these old mindsets.

With us, it’s about UNDERSTANDING the conditions, and IMPLEMENTING A STRATEGY, so you’re not left to rely on hacks on the internet, or outdated advice. These comments speak for themselves! But how did we get here exactly? Well...

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This is Your Two Jugs.

It’s a fun name with a serious goal.

Looking after your boobs be shouldn’t be intimidating.

There’s so many opinions and not all in one place:
“Just massage your breast out” they say. How?
“Just clear the blockage” they say. But how?
“Just keep feeding the baby and it will clear” they say. What if there was more you could do?

This is what Your Two Jugs is about. Solutions.

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And not just any solution, but one tailored to individual breast hiccups. We want to re-define breast conditions as hiccups, and not reasons that lead to unfulfilling breastfeeding experiences.

From the WTF moment of mastitis, to what on earth do you do with postpartum engorgement, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal here, is to shift how the world looks at breast conditions. For all breastfeeding and pumping women right now and those to follow, to have access to a genuine resource that fills this unmistakeable gap in women’s healthcare.

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