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12 MONTH access to our signature breast health & problem-solving treatment course!

Learn the GO-TO massage strategies YOU NEED to TREAT, MASTITIS and to prevent ongoing mastitis, blockages & engorgement.

Easy-to-follow tutorial videos to clinically self-treat your own breast health conditions related to breastfeeding & pumping.

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With 12 MONTH's access, you'll learn our formula for working out sudden breast health issues as well as those tricky recurrent problems, such as recurrent mastitis.

15 techniques for mastitis, blockages & engorgement PLUS prevention

6 exercises to work on that mum posture

MUST KNOW tutorials on anatomy & functional knowledge of the breast

Best practice management of breast abscess

Muscles & bones wholistic connection with the breast

Making sense of Antibiotics & Mastitis

Weaning through mastitis guidance

Printable treatment plans for the big 3 issues inc. mastitis

Nipple pain & vasospasm techniques for relief

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  • 12 MONTHS subscription
  • Watch at your own pace
  • Missing mama education!
  • Clear tutorial videos so it's easy to apply

Easily work through your own breast issues with video "hand-holding" so there is no guesswork and you gain all the confidence to know what to do and when to do it!

You're going to love the freedom this knowledge gives you to enjoy breastfeeding!

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