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What’s really happening when mastitis occurs?

The physiological process the body goes through when you get mastitis is pretty interesting! Usually, the first time you hear about mastitis, is when you are experiencing it for yourself. It can be a whirlwind time. But what’s really happening when mastitis occurs? Strap yourselves in ladies, we’re about to break down some science here. … Read more

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What breastfeeding women NEED to know about mastitis

Hands up breastfeeding mamas, who’s suddenly noticed your boob hurts, its super red and you’re crashing bad with a fever? You’re googling your symptoms (hey, maybe that’s how you found this article?) and it’s sinking in that it’s probably mastitis. The fear and panic sets in, you’ve heard other mums talk about how horrible and … Read more

Does Massage Really Help Breast Engorgement?

How Massage Impacts Engorgement There’s many self-remedies mamas can try for breast engorgement during breastfeeding, including massage. But does massage really help breast engorgement? Let’s explore. Engorgement can be split up into two types; Physiological & Pathological. Physiological Engorgement When milk starts to come in after giving birth, this can cause the breasts to swell … Read more

What is milk stasis and why breastfeeding mums need to know about it?

What is milk stasis? Milk stasis is the lack of milk flow in breastfeeding women causing a buildup of milk in the ducts. Basically, the milk is stagnant. Think of it like a pond, where water doesn’t flow. Why do you need to know about it? Well, simply put, milk stasis is the cause of … Read more

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How can a manual therapist help you with mastitis?

There is help for mastitis with manual therapy I totally understand your search right now, looking for how a manual therapist for mastitis might hopefully end the nightmare. Well there are definitely avenues that are unfortunately not well known, but I will make it super clear so you understand what to look for in a … Read more

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Do I have to stop breastfeeding with mastitis?

You DO NOT need to stop breastfeeding with mastitis. There you go. Straight to the point my friend. Now I will tell you why. Mastitis can either be inflammatory or an infection in the breast tissue. This is NOT occurring in the milk itself. In fact the milk has escaped where it being held or … Read more

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About to have a baby? What you need to know about mastitis.

Pregnant mamas tend to have no idea what about mastitis. It can be so super lovely when you are about to have a baby but what do you need to know about mastitis. The anticipation of seeing that little baby face for the first time can be so exciting. The focus is all on the … Read more

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How is mastitis mismanaged?

Here’s the scenario how mastitis is often mismanaged. Mama notices and feels she has the symptoms of mastitis. There’s the breast pain, redness on the skin, fever and chills and those horrendous flu-like aches and pains. As you realise what’s going on, the anxiety grows of how you are going to care for that little … Read more

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Why is Heat Useful for Mastitis?

Why on earth is heat helpful for mastitis? This is a really good question and there are a few answers. But first, sorry you are researching this, you are clearly in THAT mastitis space. I’ve been there too. And it’s a time when although you feel so terrible, that usually a lot of internet trawling … Read more