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Do I have to stop breastfeeding with mastitis?

You DO NOT need to stop breastfeeding with mastitis. There you go. Straight to the point my friend. Now I will tell you why. Mastitis can either be inflammatory or an infection in the breast tissue. This is NOT occurring in the milk itself. In fact the milk has escaped where it being held or … Read more

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About to have a baby? What you need to know about mastitis.

Many pregnant mamas have no idea what you need to know about mastitis. I didn’t. It can be so super lovely when you are about to have a baby. The anticipation of seeing that little baby face for the first time can be so exciting. The focus is all on the baby and the birth, … Read more

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How is mastitis mismanaged?

Here’s the scenario how mastitis is often mismanaged. Mama notices and feels she has the symptoms of mastitis. There’s the breast pain, redness on the skin, fever and chills and those horrendous flu-like aches and pains. As you realise what’s going on, the anxiety grows of how you are going to care for that little … Read more

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Why is Heat Useful for Mastitis?

Why on earth is heat helpful for mastitis? This is a really good question and there are a few answers. But first, sorry you are researching this, you are clearly in THAT mastitis space. I’ve been there too. And it’s a time when although you feel so terrible, that usually a lot of internet trawling … Read more

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Do you have Mastitis Symptoms?

Are you wondering if you have mastitis symptoms? Firstly, poor you but let’s look into it together. Being extremely common to develop in the breastfeeding population (direct feeders & pumpers), mastitis symptoms occur in up to 30% of breastfeeding women.  Realising mastitis development early can make a lot of difference because you can start working … Read more

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Can you actually prevent mastitis?

Wow…big title hey! But can you actually prevent mastitis? I wish I’d been able to write a blog on this 8 years ago when I went through a shocker bout of mastitis. Seven days of hell, unable to even hold my baby for nearly 2 weeks and one of the most painful experiences of my … Read more

4 things you need to know about Blocked Milk Ducts

Aren’t blocked milk ducts such a pain in the bum. Dr Elise & Dr Katie are the osteopaths behind Your Two Jugs, an online masterclass platform teaching breastfeeding women how to manage common physical breastfeeding issues such as blocked milk ducts. The women they’ve been treating at their Melbourne clinic over the years have inspired … Read more

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I Started Breastfeeding 3 Years Too Early

Have you ever wished you could have lived with the benefit of hindsight? The old “if only I knew what I know now” scenario. This is how breastfeeding was for me. The absence of accessible and easy to follow information was missing in my lead up to breastfeeding. I attended a 3-hour info session on … Read more

Christmas Cheer With a Side of Mastitis

A side of Mastitis at Christmas… Doesn’t sound very fun does it!?  Christmas is usually a time of joy and fun. Plus, you have your baby to show off to relatives and friends! And yet, many women find themselves in a bit of a pickle with their unfortunate side of mastitis over Christmas. Which is … Read more

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Breastfeeding

Before breastfeeding many of us are ill-educated. When your breastfeeding journey finally begins, it can be the most exhilarating and profound moment, or harrowing and filled with expectation and fear.  If only breastfeeding was focused on more during pregnancy for women.  It almost seems left up to chance to even work. Well what if chance … Read more