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Post-Partum Engorgement

Post-partum engorgement feels like 2 over-inflated balloons pinned to your chest. Many women have no idea the first time they are unfortunate enough to experience post-partum engorgement. I had given birth 2 days before. I was struggling to latch him, he was very tired and had a tiny mouth. Then nearly 3 days in, on … Read more

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My Mastitis Episode

My first mastitis episode was when baby was just 3 weeks old. It was 2012. There was a moment in the night I felt the beginnings of a mastitis episode. I had no idea what it was at the time. I was tired, and figured I’d just slept with my arm across my boob too … Read more

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My Nipple Shield Experience

I hadn’t even heard of a nipple shield. When I finally came to use a nipple shield it was a great relief. Here’s what happened. I thought breastfeeding was going to be fine, figured I would just pick it up. But life can turn out differently to your expectations. There I was, new baby in arms…day … Read more