Giving Back

Your Two Jugs is proud to support vulnerable women during their mothering journey, through Mother's Heart Cambodia.

A portion of your subscription goes directly to this wonderful group of people assisting women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Mother's Heart Organization has been providing care since 2010, where women are referred to them from vulnerable backgrounds such as:

  • sexual exploitation
  • physical and emotional health problems
  • orphaned
  • addictions
  • rape
  • underage
  • HIV positive
  • poverty, etc.

Sadly the stats show that 1 in 5 women in Cambodia will experience a crisis pregnancy.

Mother’s Heart steps in with two main programs:

1. Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

2. Pregnancy Support Program.

Their Crisis Pregnancy Counselling program, supports each woman so they can make informed decisions on what is best for herself and the future of her baby.

Mother's Heart proactively supports single women and their families through crisis pregnancies ensuring that every child of a single mother in their pregnancy support program is either raised by his/her mother, extended family or is placed in permanent foster care.

Unfortunately our world has a lot of need for programs such as these.

Thank you, Mother's Heart, for your work.

If you would like to read more about Mother's Heart, please click the button below.