The Mastitis Game-Changer!

Learn the GO-TO massage strategies YOU NEED for faster MASTITIS relief AND prevent it coming back!


Learn the best strategies to treat your Blockages, Mastitis, Engorgement AND MORE!!

Have you tried to google mastitis to get some info? It's a shambles out there.

We are CHANGING THAT for women like you all around the globe.

Because we know that when women are clearly informed about 'what's wrong', and then an easy-to-implement massage strategy, they are capable of impressive outcomes for mastitis, blocked ducts & engorged breasts.

And these mamas agree with us!!

So, WHO are we??

We are Elise & Katie from Your Two Jugs
(and the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic)

Hi. (insert wave here)

your two jugs co-founders

HOW do WE know all of this about breasts??

We've dedicated years to studying and feeling breastfeeding breasts and the issues that occur in 1000's of women, all in our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic, Australia.

We're Australian university-educated professional health care practitioners.

From our breast-nerd studies & clinical work, our skills lie in explaining the breast issues in easy language & teach breastfeeding mamas how to help themselves.

We are here to teach you too!

The BIG difference with YOUR TWO JUGS!

You will be learning from clinical practitioners that treat breastfeeding mamas on a daily basis - we know our stuff!

We REMOVE the STRESS of "What am I supposed to do?" by teaching you step-by-step in video format

Our education is so comprehensive & accurate, we teach other health professionals how to do this too!

An online education which means you can learn RIGHT NOW from your own home! The convenience mamas need!

Learn WHAT to do with...
Easy-to-follow online education.

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Know Your Breast & How it Works

  • Understand your milk-making structure
  • The value of knowing your breast framework
  • Learn what feeds your breast to be successful
  • What drains the breast when you get mastitis , blockages & engorgement
  • How your super amazing hormones function


  • The not so common knowledge about mastitis
  • How mastitis develops - the real process
  • Differences between inflammatory mastitis and infectious mastitis
  • Our unique mastitis massage techniques anyone can learn
  • A treatment plan to follow to recovery

Blocked Ducts / Blebs

  • Blocked ducts & blebs explained
  • Signs & symptoms to look out for
  • Our go-to treatment approach for blockages
  • A plan to get past it - what you should do & when


  • The 2 types of engorgement - why they are different
  • What's happening under the skin - HINT: it's not all milk!
  • How to treat either type of engorgement to get relief
  • A treatment plan to follow so there's no guessing what to do

Prevention Techniques

  • No question, this is our favourite module
  • 7 techniques that add strength to treating mastitis, blockages and engorgement
  • Then use them to reduce your risk of recurring issues
  • ALL about breast health. Our complete set of "go-to's" to solve the frustrating issues
  • The fastest way to turn recurrent mastitis around by working on the foundation health of your breast!

BUT we have more to explain than just that. So we have added a bucket-load of bonuses in to give you more understanding of this BIG picture we talk about.

Check out the bonuses below...

What's being said about Boobology?

Boobology is a lifesaver!

This was the first course that helped give me the knowledge I've been looking for!

Women of every walk of life need this information!

Breastfeeding Mama's Are Jumping on Board The Your Two Jugs Approach Becasue It Works!

Enrol in Boobology Today

$1743 $115 / + GST in Aust.

  • 6 month subscription
  • Watch at your own pace
  • The ONLY practical course of its kind for MAMAS
  • Clear tutorial videos so it's easy to apply


Bonus #1

The Mama Posture Corrector

  • VALUED at $345 AUD - It's a whole module in itself!
  • We explain why posture is crictical to breast health
  • Provide you with 6 easy-to-learn exercises for your success

What mama doesn't need this right! Why is this so important in Boobology? Your breast is connected to the rest of your body by tissues that can impact it's function. That impact can be posture issues. This module is NOT really an ADD-ON...in our eyes it's an essential part of whole breast health!

Bonus #2

The Antibiotics Conversation & Mastitis

  • Explained in a simple flowchart format when mastitis benefits from antibiotics
  • AND when it doesn't!
  • The clinical process we have followed for years to know when to seek antibiotics
  • Removing the mystery of mastitis & antibiotics

Antibiotics & mastitis has got to be one of the most contentious topics but we will make it so CLEAR for you here. There is genuine detail explaining where antibiotics are so fantastic BUT also where they are simply no use to you.

Bonus #3

DOWNLOADABLE Treatment Plans

  • VALUED at $115 AUD
  • Let's make treating the breast SIMPLE!
  • Unique treatment plans for mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement & even one to help you use the prevention techniques
  • Simply follow the recipe
Bonus #4

Clearing the Confusion with Weaning & Mastitis

  • VALUED at $115 AUD
  • What do if you get an issue with mastitis when you are weaning
  • Easily navigate the process with this information
Bonus #5

Nipple Vasospasm Techniques

  • VALUED at $230 AUD
  • Did you know that the only muscle in the breast exists in the nipple & areola!
  • What do you do with nipple vasospasm? Find out here!
  • Just remember to be gentle and follow the video instructions
Bonus #6

Management of Breast Abscess

  • VALUED at $115 AUD
  • Yes, abscesses can result from mastitis but it doesn't mean an end to breastfeeding
  • Go over our best practice management of abscesses
Bonus #7

Improving Breast Health for Increased Supply

  • Let's take a look at another way to help your body increase supply
  • Looking inside your body you may find the answers as to why milk production has felt like a tricky process
Bonus #8

Reducing Milk Supply & Avoiding Mastitis

  • Whether you have an oversupply that you need to down-regulate OR you are trying to wean and not get mastitis, we have the strategy for you
  • Our look into this issue will assist you in understanding what you need to do and why our process for reducing supply can make all the difference
Bonus #9

Pumping Tips for Breast Health

  • Pumping provides a fantastic way for mamas to continue to feed their baby, build supply, and manage milk
  • BUT it can also cause issues. Here are some basic tips to reduce the risk of trauma to the breast with pumping.

See again WHY mamas LOVE Boobology...

 "The Mastitis Masterclass is fantastic. It helped me manage recurring mastitis symptoms and helped me feel more in control of my breast health after a long struggle of feeling powerless and answerless."

Louise, SA, Australia

"I was always searching for reasons why I kept getting recurrent blocked ducts and never could find a good reason why. I was also always looking for preventive measures and could also never find them. This was the first course that helped give me the knowledge I've been looking for!"

Chelsea, NY, USA

"Women of every walk of life need this information!"


"Boobology taught me about my own biology, modeled specific hands-on techniques (so helpful to actually *see* massage techniques!), and made sure I understood the nuances between different breast issues and their treatment."

Jessica, Arizona, USA

"I found all of it helpful. The anatomy made sense why you need to do things. The demonstrations etc were great"

Maria Teresa, Melbourne, Australia

Just stop and reflect on this for a moment...

...consider the investment we make in learning & planning the birth which lasts hours.

How does this contrast in investment in breast education for the success of breastfeeding? They are often vastly different!

Breastfeeding has the potential to last years, BUT what have you been taught so far about the true function of the breast & common issues that can go wrong?

Our guess is a big lot of nothing!

This is one of the reasons for breastfeeding health turmoil (head in hands sigh).

Boobology fills this GAP for breastfeeding & pumping mamas.

It exposes the MISSING info you haven't been taught anywhere else.

And you can start learning RIGHT NOW.

Enrol in Boobology Today

$1743 $115 / + GST in Aust.

  • 6 month subscription
  • Watch at your own pace
  • The ONLY practical course of its kind for MAMAS
  • Clear tutorial videos so it's easy to apply


When you enrol in Boobology, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to treat your breasts tissue right now AND how to prevent issues occurring again!

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  1. 15 comprehensive techniques for mastitis, blockages & engorgement PLUS prevention - ($690 value)

  2. MUST KNOW tutorials on anatomy & functional knowledge of the breast - ($97 value)

  3. Muscles & bones wholistic connection with the breast - ($97 value)

  4. BONUS MODULE: 6 exercises to work on that mum posture - ($345 value)

  5. BONUS: Best practice management of breast abscess - ($115 value)

  6. BONUS: Making sense of Antibiotics & Mastitis - ($47 value)

  7. BONUS: Weaning through mastitis guidance - ($47 value)

  8. BONUS: Printable treatment plans for the big 3 issues inc. mastitis - ($115 value)

  9. BONUS: Nipple pain & vasospasm techniques for relief - ($230 value)

Enrol in Boobology Today

$1743 $115 / + GST in Aust.

  • 6 month subscription
  • Watch at your own pace
  • The ONLY practical course of its kind for MAMAS
  • Clear tutorial videos so it's easy to apply

I'm almost ready!
I just have a few more Questions!

(Have another Q? Shoot us an email via our contact for on our website!!)

You wont have tried this. Think about this...who has actually truly explained the process of your issue and how all the anatomy of the breast creates the scenario? It will be no one. We know this because we can't find anyone doing what we do either!!

It's not a big issue once you get down to the nuts & bolts of it. It's because the issue seems like a mystery that it can feel like it would take ages to solve. And that's not the case!

Ahhh...it is really clear once you're inside. We have divided everything up into neat packages so there's no confusion. And you have that added BONUS of all the treatment plans to tell you the path to follow. Simple.

This question makes us cry because the difference between Google & Boobology couldn't be bigger. Boobology is the place you find clarity and reason for your trouble. Google is the place that provides a whole lot of something but with no context or detailed plan as to what to do. That's why you're HERE!

Well in a word, Yes. Antibiotics are work against bacteria. BUT many issues that the bacteria got hold of your breast is that foundation framework of the breast that is in need of some help. Otherwise you remain in a vulnerable position to get mastitis again.

That's a great Q. Think about it this way. When you have done your massage before did you know what you were aiming to do? And if your answer is to drain the breast out through the nipple, then we know you wont have tried what we educate women to do with our massage treatment approach! It's just the way it is.

You don't need to. That's the short answer. The longer part is that our videos are so clear and step-by-step you cannot go wrong if you follow them. We have been teaching women in clinic for so many years, we know our strategy comes across. We even know from our testimonials with the successes women have. Don't worry, you'll do GREAT!

Unlucky means you have no avenue to change it. And that's simply not true. We are here to show why you ARE NOT unlucky and how to get rid of the "unluckiness" you may think you have!

You can if you like. It's always a choice. I guess that depends on how fed up you are with the problem and your goals with your breastfeeding experience. That will help determine your readiness!

It's always worth looking at latch. It's just that it's a common one to blame for breast health problems when we've found so much more in the anatomy that is responsible.

Enrol in Boobology Today

$1743 $115 / + GST in Aust.

  • 6 month subscription
  • Watch at your own pace
  • The ONLY practical course of its kind for MAMAS
  • Clear tutorial videos so it's easy to apply