The Boob Hero Course (ONLINE)

$835.00 Ex GST

The ONLY ONLINE professional breast treatment course.

Learn about breast conditions & how to treat them with manual therapy, ultrasound and demonstration techniques.

  • Mastitis
  • Blocked Ducts
  • Engorgement and more…

Get forever access to this complete approach to breast care for breastfeeding.

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Are you a PHYSIOTHERAPIST, OSTEOPATH, CHIROPRACTOR or other manual healthcare practitioner? Perhaps you are a GP, Lactation Consultant or Midwife curious about the study of breast health and how hands on treatment can be beneficial to your breastfeeding patients?

Breastfeeding women are a vulnerable group and deserve the care and compassion of knowledgeable practitioners!
We know you will agree with that. Given the considerable lack of knowledge in the health care field on breastfeeding health conditions, we knew we had to put the work in to present this niche in a complete way so you feel confident with your skill-set, treatment plan and knowledge (to do a kick-ass job).

It's a huge motivator for us to produce this with the intention of bringing about change in how women are managed & respected when there is an issue.

So whatta we got in this thing??

  • 25+ technique vids inc ultrasound
  • 7 anatomy tutorial vids
  • 5 tutorials on understanding lactogenesis
  • 15+ conditions & other considerations slideshows
  • 10+ resources for business & patient management
  • 10+ case histories
  • our client advice on weaning
  • our client advice on antibiotic use with mastitis
  • + so much more
This is not just another online professional development course...
It's an opportunity to be instrumental in the lives of many breastfeeding women that find themselves in a predicament of breast health.  It's not like they can just ignore the problem, there's a baby involved.You will find that this course will create a wonderful path for you to make a significant difference for a community group that is unbelievably appreciative of your skills.