Relieve Your Mastitis in Just 30 Mins

$27.00 USD

Valid for 6 weeks

You wont need longer, they are simple to learn. Here’s the great content you will be taught:

  • Our specific Mastitis Treatment Technique for anywhere on the breast
  • Mobilise the Breast Video – a preventative strategy
  • How Does Mastitis Occur Video
  • Abscess Detection & Management
  • Mastitis Symptoms & Signs

Did you want 5  more preventative strategies, plus 3 informative videos on breast tissue that women have told us has been invaluable, so you understand why these techniques are important, then check out the bigger Mastitis Masterclass




Goals of the Mastitis Masterclass are:

  • teach you our specific mastitis massage technique no matter where you have mastitis
  • show you how to mobilise your breast on your chest wall and why it's essential
  • create an understanding of how mastitis occurs
  • explain about breast abscess and what to look for
  • create an opportunity to clear your own mastitis with your own hands
  • increase your breast tissue knowledge so you understand why these techniques are important

Do keep wondering if there's something you can do and start learning how to work on your own mastitis. We've been providing this education in clinic for many years, it's time the rest of the globe gets to use it for themselves!